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Seminar On Value Investing

A detailed boot camp By Emeka Ucheaga and Mishai & Mordecai LP

55E, Adebisi Omotola Close Victoria Island, Lagos
All weekends in September
Saturday 10-12 pm, Sunday 10-4 pm

Note: This masterclass can only take 20 people per month. Any extra booking after booking 20 will automatically be moved to the next month!

How to think and act like an investor

About the seminar  

Investing is the only way to protect your savings from been eroded by inflation. Understanding how to invest in equities is imperative since it provides the best investment return. Individuals with skills on investment analysis are highly sort after in the financial industry. The seminar provides the skill set and understanding of investment principles that helps you become an outstanding investor. The seminar is not an academic lecture, it brings theory to practice and studies the investment habits of successful investors.

Seminar Description

What you will get

  • The seminar explores the concept of value investing and sets the guidelines for its successful application
  • During the course of the seminar, students will determine the intrinsic value of 30 of the largest companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • Students will also learn about common sense investing principles that have helped many notable investors become very successful
  • Students will be taught using real world case studies, scenario analysis, videos and books written by successful investors


Students Learn

  • How to value an asset and identify possibly under-priced or overpriced stocks
  • How to design a portfolio that can outperform the market over the long run
  • How to manage risk-return trade-offs
  • How to use information to predict future direct of the market or stock prices
  • How to avoid value traps
  • Students will be taught using real world case studies, scenario analysis, videos and books written by successful investors

Seminar Structure

  • The seminar will span over a period of 4 weeks and will hold for 8 hours every weekend.
  • The topics to be discussed include the:
  1. The art and philosophy of value investing
  2. Security analysis
  • Valuation
  1. Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting
  2. Portfolio selection and asset allocation
  3. Portfolio diversification and risk management.
  • At the end of the programme each student will design their portfolio and make a presentation to the class on their investment strategy and why those selected securities are the best to hold for the long run.

Who Should Attend?

Please note that the class is open to everyone interested in improving their knowledge of the workings of the economy and financial markets. This is not a mathematics class, however basic skills in mathematics, economics, finance and business will provide an added advantage


  • Individual Investors
  • Undergraduates and postgraduate students studying economics, finance or business
  • Lecturers in economics, finance and business departments
  • Research Analysts
  • Investment Analysts
  • Portfolio managers
  • Financial professionals

Program Leader

Emeka Ucheaga



  • Emeka Ucheaga is the Chief Investment Officer of Emeka Ucheaga Advisory
  • He is a distinguished with investor with numerous winning bets in the Nigerian capital market
  • He is a doctoral student of Finance at Covenant University Ota
  • He is an expert in behavioural finance, asset valuation, data analysis and macroeconomic analysis
  • He has written numerous academic papers published in both international and local journals
  • In 2016, he and his team ranked top 10 in the IBM Watson Global Analytics Competition
  • Emeka has worked in AiQ Capital Management, GDL Asset Management, and BusinessDay.
  • He has researched extensively the global capital markets and has developed expertise in numerous investment strategies
  • Emeka Ucheaga is on a mission to spread the value investment philosophy in Nigeria and improve investor’s ability to pick winning bets in the capital market








Upon completion of the seminar, participants will receive a Value Investing Certificate.


Registration is now open for the September 2018 seminar. Registration closes on August 31st and classes begin on September 1st, and will go on for all weekends in September.


55E, Adebisi Omotola Close Victoria Island, Lagos


To book an appointment or make an enquiry, kindly send a message to [email protected]