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About Us Who We Are

EUA Intelligence is a value-oriented equity research and investment advisory firm that specializes in security analysis, business valuation, investment strategy, asset allocation and portfolio design. 

We leverage our vast knowledge and wealth of quality experience in the capital market to help investors make smarter investment decisions.

Our goal is to steer investors towards high yielding investment opportunities with low risk of permanent loss of capital.

We seek to provide value to clients by enriching our clientele with deep investment insights that help them exploit asset mispricing in the capital market to their advantage. 

Our investment philosophy follows the basic principles of value investing. EUA is a local equity research company with an excellent understanding of the global financial market.

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Investment Research

Investment Research

Company Valuation

Company Valuation

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Equity journalism

Equity journalism

Why Choose Us?

“Let’s help you make an intelligent decision”

Anyone can be an investor but very few seldom become successful investors. The difference between a failing investor and a successful investor is simply the level of consistency in making intelligent investment decisions.

Simple as it sounds, the process of doing thorough research to understand the business venture or investment opportunity is time consuming and resource exhausting for the average investor with decent investment analysis skills. For investors without the essential security analysis skill, the ability to conduct insightful research on stocks and other financial securities is even more daunting.

This difficult situation thus requires income earners to turn to expert investment advisors to help guide their path in making intelligent financial decisions. EUA Intelligence is the first equities-only investment research firm in the country with expertise in security analysis, valuation and investment strategy.

Our analysts conduct deep research on companies learning the facts and figures that speak to the strength and weaknesses of both unlisted and listed company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. 

Our knowledge about the financial position of these companies, the maturity of the industry and the broad economic performance of the country help in our valuation process and our discipline to only invest in opportunities where we find significant bargain ensures our success.

We invest our funds side by side with our Clients, staking our personal funds in the same investment we recommend to our customers. We do not guarantee future investment returns for Clients; however, we show evidence that our recommendations have passed through an intelligent and logical investment decision making process. We believe that successful investing is a result of executing numerous logical investment decisions. Investors rarely become successful making illogical investment decisions, therefore we do everything within our power to provide market insights that help our clients make the right investment decision.

As a client, you will enjoy full access to our investment reports, market insights and investment advisory services from anywhere in the world. Let’s help you make that money one right decision at a time.


To be the most trusted investment Advisor in Africa.


To help millions of investors make smarter investment decision everyday

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